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University Honors Program

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Advantages of Membership

    Please use MAVSYNC to stay current with the Honors program and all its happenings!

    Early Registration

    Honors students who are in good standing with the Honors Program have access to early registration. This privilege only extends to students who have taken an Honors course (or contracted for Honors credit) the previous semester, as well as maintained the required GPA for their college. All Honors students are required to attend an Honors Advising session in order for the early registration date to be added to their peoplesoft file. See MavSync and check your UNO email for more details about WHEN Honors advising takes placeā€”and how to sign up!

    Honors Program Facilities

    The Honors Program is located in Kayser Hall, Room 208. There is a student lounge for studying and relaxing, a small kitchen with microwave and refrigerator for lunches, and computer facilities with connection to the internet for email and researching purposes. These facilities are open to Honors Program students 24 hours a day.
    Evening access requires an access card, attainable from Mrs. McIvor, the Asst. to the Director. To get an access card, contact Mrs. McIvor: 554-2696 or

    Honors-Priority Housing

    Honors students have priority for housing in University Village (UV) and Maverick Village (MV); 550-bed apartment-style units in the residence halls on UNO's North Campus. Each unit contains a living area, 4 individual bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a kitchen area.

    Honors-Only Classes

    Honors students can enroll in Honors-Only courses and seminars designed especially for them. These classes have smaller class size and greater student-professor interaction, allowing each student to benefit more from the course.

    Honors Internships

    Juniors and seniors in the Honors Program have the option to take an Honors Internship for 3 - 6 credit hours and attain some real world experience.

    Honors Semesters

    Domestic and International Honors Semesters are available to students through the National Collegiate Honors Council. These semester-long academic experiential programs allow honors students from throughout the United States and Canada to earn sixteen hours of honors credit in learning experiences that emerge from the unique traits of the semester's locale.

    Washington Center Affiliation

    The Washington Center is an independent nonprofit organization that provides internship programs and academic seminars to college students from across the country and around the world. They are affiliated with 850 colleges and universities nationwide and work with 2,000 - 3,000 internship placements in Washington representing major professional fields in the private, public and non-profit sectors. For more information, please visit