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University Honors Program

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Honors Theses.

Since 1980, UNO Honors Program students have completed the following theses. All of these are available at the Criss Library if you wish to read them.

Abdul-Fattah, Bothaina.  Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy [Honors Program].  Senior Honors: 1995.

Adams, Christine.  French Made Fun for Elementary Levels  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1989.

Alff, Kevin.  The Transformation of a Normal Cell Into a Cancer Cell [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1995.

Amoura, Nahia J.  A Perspective of Thailand and Its Refugee Camps  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1992.

Andersen, Jennifer M.  Potential Base-Pairing in Escherichia coli Between 16S and 23S Ribosomal RNA.  [Honors Program.]  Senior Honors 1999.

Anderson , Alicia M. Analyzing Paring Interactions in the 5’ Nontranslated Region of the Coxsackie Virus B3 RNA Genome . [Honors Program.] Senior Honors 2009.

Anderson, Erica K. Endocrine Disrupting Compounds and the Elkhorn River: Developing the Western Mosquito fish (Gambusia affinis) as a Bioindicator for the Androgenic Pollutants. [Honors Program.] Senior Honors: 2009.

Asche, Tracy.  Use of Somatic Cell Hybrids to Investigate Tissue-Specific Regulation of Gonadotropin Genes in Tumors of Trophoblastic and Nontrophoblastic Origin [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1995

Atkinson, Diane V.  The Inverse Correlation Between Cellular Growth and Production of Insulin-like Growth Factor Binding Protein (IGBP-2) in Intestinal Epithelial (IEC-6) Cells [Honors Program]. Senior Honors:  1994

Aufenkamp (Wheeler), Peggy Jo.  Dramatics for the Gifted  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1988.

Austin, Kent R.  A County in Transition:  The Urbanization of Sarpy County, Nebraska  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1985.

Austin, Kurt J.  Academic Directory of the College of Arts and Sciences Professors  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1989.

Badura, Eric.  Effective Tax Research  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1994.

Bargfrede, Till.  Food Aid Policy & Impact in Ethiopia  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  2005.

Ballarin, James.  The Krebs Cycle, Movements I, II, and IX [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  2003.

Banaszak, Jill.  Original Novella.  [Honors Program.]  Senior Honors:  2001.

Beasley, Caleb W.  North Downtown Redevelopment: Proposal & Design [Honors Program.]  Senior Honors:  2007.

Becker, Aaron.  The Construction and Analysis of the Homosexual Character in the Works of Reinaldo Arenas [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  2003.

Becker, Karina L.  Timeless Imperfection:  Jane Austen’s Flawed Heroines  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  2006.

Beckman, Ken.  The Faculty of the University of Nebraska at Omaha:  A Descriptive Analysis [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1995

Behne, Andrew K.  Service Learning:  My Experience [Honors Program.]  Honors Option II:  2007

Bentley, Allison M.  Windchill:  A Critical Analysis.  [Honors Program.]  Senior Honors:  1999.

Bergersen, Kyle.  Film Pre-Production Package  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1986.

Berry, Jennifer K.  Trichotillomania:  A Review of the Literature  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1985.

Beyer, Vicki.  Networks in Production:  Afghan Sheepskin Coats  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1980.

Bialas, Benjamin J.  Elk Creek Pines Development [Honors Program.]  Senior Honors:  2007

Bidali, Kaisa.  Is Collecting Feces a Non-invasive Way of Measuring Estrogen in Spotted Hyenas? [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  2004

Binford, Lauren K.  Just Visiting?:  Time Traveling Characters and the Clash of Cultures  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  2004.

Birginal, Diane.  Generation of 1989  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1988.

Bisanz, Kevin L.   Buying and Selling Used Books: A Website to Find UNO Students the Best Deal [Honors Program]. Senior Honors: 2006.

Black, Natalie A.  Morphological Characterization of Spirochiidae (Digenea:  Platyhelminthes)  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  2005

Black, Robin L.  A Movie About Me:  A Recreational Therapy Program Designed to Increase Self-Esteem of Dual Diagnosis Clients  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  2004.

Blake, Christine F.  The Need for Culturally Adaptive Primary Health Care:  Mexican-Americans, A Case in Point  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1987.

Boche, Jason K.   Steganography: Current Techniques to Hide Digital Messages [Honors Program]. Senior Honors: 2006.

Boyd, Eric J.  Activation of the Harvey-Ras Proto-Oncogene in Rat Urinary Bladder Carcinogenesis  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1988.

Brannagan, Rachel R.  First Colonists:  A Unit Plan  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  2004.

Branecki, Chad E.  Establishment of an In Vitro Alzhimer’s Disease Model System.  [Honors Program.]  Senior Honors:  1999.

Brennan, Molly P.  Incarnations of Feminism as a Backlash Against Oppression in the West and the Middle East [Honors Program.]  Senior Honors:  2006.

Brdicko, Lori A.  The Science of Horror  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1992.

Brennan, Bonnie.  Voices from the Platte River Road.  [Honors Program.]  Senior Honors:  2004.

Brink, Teri A.    Drug Use and Unemployment in Nebraska [Honors Program]. Senior Honors: 2006.

Brown, Mace A.  Focus Group Methodology:  A Study in Consumer Perception  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1991.

Bruegger, Jennifer.  Forensic Accounting:  Should It Be Incorporated in the Accounting Curriculum?  [Honors Program.]  Senior Honors:  2000.

Bruland, Paula R.  An Analysis of LB 1246  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1992.

Bucy, Thor M.  A Comparative Analysis of Extreme Programming and The Systems Development Life Cycle.  Senior Honors:  2002.

Burdick-Caves, Kari S. Transnationalism [Honors Program]. Senior Honors: 2006.

Burks, Larry.  myPortfolio:  Research, Planning and Support for e-Business Start-Ups  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  2005.

Burns, Ronald J.  Combating Organized Crime in Omaha: A Case Study of a Secret Unit of the Omaha Police Division [Honors Program].  Senior Honors: 1996

Buscher, Jacqueline E.  The Prospects for a Single European Currency  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1992.

Caldwell Ivey, Amanda.  c-fos is the Avenue to the Answers We Need [Honors Program].  Senior Honors: 1995.

Cameron, Kiley M. Comparing Views on Rape in the United States and Saudi Arabia. [Honors Program]. Senior Honors 2009.

Car, Janet J.  The Study of Job Satisfaction of Students at the University of Nebraska at Omaha  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1980.

Castelnovo, Laura.  Foreign Trade Zone Number Nineteen  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1990.

Cavanaugh, Justin.  Dimensions of Successful Leadership.  [Honors Program.]  Senior Honors:  2001.

Cavanaugh, Michael V.  The advanced placement program and Nebraska : issues and trends [Honors Program.]  Senior Honors:  2007.

Chalkley, Jeff A.   The Legality of Holding Prisoners at Guantanamo Bay [Honors Program] Senior Honors: 2006.

Chapo, Laura.  The Foundation of Morality:  A Comparative Study of Aristotle and Kant [Honors Program].  Senior Honors: 

Cheema, Zahra.  Women and Family Law in Islam [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  2003.

Chruma, Jodi L.  Effects of Feedback on Motor Skill Learning:  Expansion of Trowbridge and Cason's Study [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1995

Clark, Teresa M.  The Female Offender:  Theories, Thoughts and Contradictions [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1995

Clark, Trevor.  A Question Concerning Information  Technology:  A Neo-Humanist Examination of  Polycentexual Relationships.  [Honors Program.]  Senior Honors:  2004

Clinch, Teri.  Detecting Hydrocarbon Microseepage Using Hyperspectral Analysis of Remotely Sensed Data  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1994.

Clute, Daniel J.  An Analytical Comparison of the Separatory Funnel (EPA SW-846 No. 3510B) and Continuous (EPA SW-846 No. 3520B) Liquid-liquid Extraction Methods in the Determination of Pesticides and Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) in Aqueous Samples  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors: 1996.

Clute, David A.  A Liberal Education in White Male Meanings  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1992.

Clute, Deborah.  Speaking the Recruiter’s Mind:  Determinants of Job Readiness in College Graduates.  [Honors Program.]  Senior Honors:  2000.

Cole, E. Keith.  Polyacrylamide-Gel Electrophoresis of Begonia Leaf Proteins and Their Taxonomic Importance  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1986.

Conry, Christopher S.  The American Empire  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  2005.

Conway, Daniel.  The Social Transference of Food Preference.  [Honors Program.]  Senior Honors:  2000.

Cooksey, Lora.  Do You Speak the Language of Business?  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1993.

Cooperwood, Dawn (Fajr).  Driven:  African Americans’ Educational Pursuits, 1735-1870 [Honors Program.]  Senior Honors:  2007.

Covey, Justin L.  The Structure and Association of the Swaen Graben within the Loppa High on the Barent Shelf.  [Honors Program.]  Senior Honors:  2000.

Crawford, Daniel G.  A Weighted Associative Knowledge Base  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1994.

Culek, Matt L.  Congruences of Restricted Partition Functions.  Senior Honors:  2002.

Dargantes, Della.  What to do with a Bum Knee:  A Case Study of an Anterior Crudiate Ligament Deficient Knee  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1989.

Davis, Jared.  Generative Parse Forests [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  2003.

Dawson, Matthew C.  Piano Sonata No. 23 in F minor, ‘Appassionata’ Movement III, Allegro ma non troppo.  Senior Honors:  2002.

de Graw, Deborah.  Animal Rights:  A Personal Perspective  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1990.

Dickey, Kristin.  Journal-Writing in the Classroom:  An Honors Thesis Project.  [Honors Program.]  Senior Honors:  2000.

Dietrich, Brian.  Social Commentary in Comic Strips:  An Examination of “Peanuts” from 1989-1999.  [Honors Program.]  Senior Honors:  2000.

Diffendaffer, Clark.  Chemistry of the Estrogen A Ring:  Design of a Fluorescence Probe for Catechol Estrogens.  [Honors Program.]  Senior Honors:  2000.

Dillemuth, Tiffany A.  Some of Shakespeare's Romantic Heroines and the Changing Role of Elizabethan Women [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1998.

Deniston, Vicki.  Guided Group Interaction:  A Critical Analysis  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1982.

Desmoineaux, Viviana.  Fieldwork in Pajamas:  Popular Health Care in the Spanish Speaking Virtual World [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  2007.

Doerr (Hudson), Rachel K.  Credit Union Consolidation:  The Acquisition of Nebraska Lutheran Credit Union by First Nebraska Credit Union as an Industry microcosm  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1987.

Doolin, Patricia A.  Adolescent Fatherhood:  Implications for Society and Approaches to Prevention  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1992.

Doyle, Brett.  Computer Security and National Security:  The Risks Associated with Increasing Reliance on Computer Networks [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1998.

Dunn, John.  Politics and Popular Culture:  A Study of Print Media.  [Honors Program.]  Senior Honors:  2000. 

Dworak (Kucera), Emily J.  Vitamin E:  The Real Story  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1986.

Edwards, Maxine.  Painted Mural in Pediatrics Intensive Care Unit St. Joseph's Hospital  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1984.

Eikenberry, Angela M.  North Korea Since the Fall of Communism in the Former Soviet Union:  Foreign Relations and Changes for the Future  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1994.

El-Hajjar, Dana Fayez.  Chemical Methods for the Detection and Microanalysis of Abused Drugs and Toxic Substances.  Senior Honors:  1999.

Elsasser, Joseph E.  Postcolonial Practice and Native Americans.  Senior Honors:   2002.

Elsawi, Nesrin.   Impressions of Latino Immigrants and Beliefs about Intergroup Relations [Honors Program] Senior Honors: 2006.

Elston, Erin.  “No Man Can Hinder Me:  an Examination of Survival Through African American Slave Music.”  [Honors Program.]  Senior Honors:  2003.

Endo, Rachel K.  The Salience of Cultural, Employment and Educational-Related Policy Issues Specific to Plaid Cymru and the Scottish Nationalist Party in Great Britain.  [Honors Program.]  Senior Honors:  2003

Engelke, Nicole.  Quadratic Residues: Generalization and Application [Honors Program].  Senior Honors: 1996

Errett, Jessica J.   The Process of Building Mechanical System Design [Honors Program]. Senior Honors: 2006.

Erwin, Joseph C.  The Characterization of cDNA From a Developmental Sample From Dictyostelium Mucoroides  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1992.

Faltin, Polly M.  Tax Reform: An Analysis Of The Flat Tax And Its Economic Effects On Individuals and Businesses [Honors Program].  Senior Honors: 1996.

Feagan, Ryan D.  Knowledge, Science and Language.  Senior Honors:  2002.

Ferraro, Frank M. III.  Place Preference Modification by Sexual Behavior in the Male Rat [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1998.

Fields, Rebecca.  A Feminist Look at Inaugural Addresses  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1994.

Fogle, William R.  Ceramics, Incubators, and Porter’s Cluster Theory:  A Study in Modern Economic Development.  [Honors Program.]  Senior Honors:  2001.

Foland, Karly R.  The Post-Communist Conquest:  How the Oligarchs Emerged as the Rulers of Russia  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  2004.

Fredrick, Rose L.   Becoming a Library Professional [Honors Program]. Senior Honors: 2006.

Gall, Robert S.  A Model for the Reestablishment of Self During Metamorphosis in Xenopus laevis [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1998.

Garay, Carla Y.  Double Consciousness and the Question of Blackness in America  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1992.

Gartin, Timothy.  Transformational Leadership - Its Qualities and Implications [Honors Program].  Senior Honors 1991.

Gaskin, Jason.  “In the Pit.”  [Honors Program.]  Senior Honors:  2004.

Gayer, Sherée Lynette Anderson.  Ethnicity and Faith:  The Church as an Ethnic Symbol on Omaha's Landscape  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors 1997.

Gerdes, David.  A Molecular Approach:  Identification of Trichloroethene Bioremediating Bacteria.  [Honors Program.]  Senior Honors:  2001.

Gillis, Wesley.  On the Foundation of Ethics.  [Honors Program.]  Senior Honors:  2000.

Gollehon, Christopher C.  Radiosmith Customer Database And
Marketing Information System [Honors Program.]  Senior Honors:  2007.

Gollehon, Stephen P. Façade Lighting Project: Taylor Place at ASU, [Honors Program.] Senior Honors: 2009

Gordon, Kara L.  Molecular Life Cycle Determination of Spirochiidae (Diginea:  Platyhelminthes)  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  2005

Green, Kelly.  More Justice:  The Promise of Organized Labor  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1993.

Graeve, Shurie R.  Nebraska's Peace, Social Justice, and Environmental Groups  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1990.

Graham (Ford), Debra J.  Where The Whole is Greater Than The Sum of Its Parts--Organizational Culture:  A Research Project in Organizational Behavior  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1985.

Green, Donald E.    Agile Systems Development in a Smaller World [Honors Program]. Senior Honors: 2006.

Griffin, Amanda.  Effect of quercetin on MC3T3-E1 cells in vitro.  [Honors Program.]  Senior Honors:  2004.

Griffin, David C.  Evidence and Detection of Blobin Protein in Selected Cellular Slime Molds.  Senior Honors:  1999.

Griffith, Mark R.  Replacement Design for Maple Creek Bridge Near Snyder, Nebraska.
Senior Honors:  1999.

 Gude, Tara L.  West Dodge Road Improvement:  114th Street Intersection.  [Honors Program.]  Senior Honors:  1999.

Gumm, JoAnne.  Community Schools:  A Process for Working with At-Risk Youth [Honors Program].  Senior Honors 1995

Guthrie, Megan E.  Lot 10 Union Pacific Place [Honors Program.]  Senior Honors:  2007

Hamik, Ken.  Futures Studies:  An Introductory Course  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1983.

Hamilton, Edward S.   One City, One School District: A Legal Perspective [Honors Program]. Senior Honors: 2006.

Hamilton, Kristina.  Prescription Drug Re-Importation  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  2006.

Hasiak, Christopher M.  Development and Implementation of EISAs for the Detection of
Glatiramer Acetate Specific Antibodies in Immunized Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
Patients [Honors Program.]  Senior Honors:  2007

Haynes, Matt J.  Buying Wins:  Does Spending Influence the Winning Percentages of Division II College Baseball Teams?  Senior Honors:  2002.

Herzinger, John J.  No Breast, No Body, No Battle of the Sexes: Recontextualizing André Masson’s “Rape” Beyond Gendered Politics [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  2007.

Hill, Anthony K.  The Mexican Peso Crisis: Causes, Effects, and Recovery [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1996.

Hinze, Alicia M. Hardt.  Comparative Analyses of Brain Inflammatory Markers and ex vivo Macroglial Responses from Alzheimer’s Disease and Non-Demented Control Subjects [Honors Program.]  Senior Honors:  2007.

Hohnbaum, Christyn R.  Shamanism  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1994.

Holloway, Matthew J.  WETAG:  Wireless Electronic Price Tag System  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  2005.

Horst, Heather L.  The Demand for Higher Education: A UNO Case Study [Honors Program.]  Senior Honors:  2007.

Houlton, Kenneth G.  An Application of Communication Concepts in Consumer Behavior to Contemporary Advertising  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1991.

Hrdy, Rebecca.  The Dehydration of cis and Trans-2-Phenylcyclohexanols [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  2004

Hulac, Catherine.  The Ecological and Cultural Responses to the Good Famine:  The Experience of the Kivallinigmuit Nation, 1881-1883.  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  2000.

Hunt,  Jennifer Lynn.  Multi-Source Performance Appraisals:  Impact of Supervisor Bias and Ratee Choice [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1998.

Hunter, Harold H.  An Analysis of Private Employer Drug Testing  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1987.

Huseman, Blake A.   Fair Use and the DVD Copy Control Association: An Analysis of Digital Property Rights [Honors Program]. Senior Honors: 2006.

Hutfles, Jay W.  Self-motivation and Student Leadership in High School Mathematics.  [Honors Program.]  Senior Honors:  1999.

Jackson (Fisher), Maria.  Effect of Saccharin on Urinary Parameters in Rats Fed Prolab 3200 or AIN-76 Diet  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1987.

Jackson, Patti K.  The Effects of Motivation on Budgets  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1985.

Janzen, James J.  Surfactant Interactions within the Field of Personal Care.  Senior Honors:  2002.

Jensen, Jill K.  La trilogía bananera de Miguel Ángel Asturias y Weekend en Guatemala en su contexto politico e histórico.  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  2000.

Jensen, Melanie R.  Geographic Relationships Concerning the Role of Piracy in the Historic Caribbean.  [Honors Program.]  Senior Honors:  2003.

Jewell, Melissa A.  A Comparison of Literacy Activities in Two Early Childhood Classrooms.  Senior Honors:  2002.

Johansen, Kacie J.  Dragonflies and Damselflies as Indicator of Restored Wetland Habitat [Honors Program]. Senior Honors: 2006.

Johnson (Gulizia), Julie A.  Effects of Dietary Selenium on Spontaneous Metatases of Lewis Lung Carcinoma in C57BL/6 Mice  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1987.

Jones, Jennifer.  GPS Tour Guide.  [Honors Program.]  Senior Honors:  2001.

Jones, Megan C.   Assessing Student Learning in a Social Studies Unit [Honors Program] Senior Honors: 2006.

Junker, Wade.  Molecular Mechanisms of Neural-Tube Defects:  Prevention with Folic Acid Supplementation.  [Honors Program.]  Senior Honors:  2001.

Kalamaja, Joseph.  Rotator Cuff Impingement Syndrome:  A Case Study  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1993.

Kalafatoglu, Tugba.  Unity and Disunity in the Balkans [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1998.

Kaldahl, Tim.  UNO Stories:  An Oral History of Students  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1990.

Kallemeyn, Lindsay.  The Sarbanes-Oxley Act and its Effect on the Accounting Profession [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  2003.

Keitges, Christine C.  Mileage Journalizer [Honors Program].  Senior Honors: 1995.

Keller, Elizabeth.  Race and Sexual Assault:  Prosecution and Sentencing.  [Honors Program.]  Senior Honors:  2001.

Kesterson, Terri.  Making the Grade:  Factors in Law School That Affect the Career Success of Female Attorneys [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  2003.

Kinch, Dionne Leonette.  Cornrowing, An Arts of Natural Haircare [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1998.

King, Erin K.  Electronic Portfolios:  Assessment Tools for Today, Tomorrow, and Beyond.  [Honors Program.]  Senior Honors:  1999.

Kleine, Stephen G.  EPROM Simulator  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1993.

Kline, Lawrence.  Bram Stoker's Dracula:  A Discussion of the Legendary and Historical Background and Analysis of Philosophical and Psychological Themes  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1989.

Kobus, Nicole R. Electronic Document Imaging [Honors Program.]  Honors Option II:  2007.

 Kopanic, Jennifer L.  myPortfolio:  The Commercialization of a Web Service  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  2006.

Kortje, David K.  Effects of Cyanamide Pre-Treatment on the Ethanol-Induced Inhibition of Hepatic Glycoprotein Secretion in the Rat in Vivo  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1985.

Krause, Aaron P. Capstone ‘Copter , [Honors Program.] Senior Honors: 2009.

Krin (Wickstrom), Elizabeth.  Growth Rates and Preparation Times in Early Middle and Late Amniotic Cell Culture for Cytogenetic Diagnosis  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1987.

Kroft, Stephen.  The Alamo Café:  A Complete Business Plan.  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  2004.

Kroeger, Angela.  The Dolphin's Mist  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1994.

Kucera, Brent D.  A Program to Determine Cheating Among CIST 1400 Students  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  2005.

Lab, Nathan S. The Right to Privacy in the Abortion Cases of the United States Supreme Court [Honors Program]. Senior Honors: 2006.

LaMee, Kristy.  Cyber Lockdown:  A Computer Security Guide for Everyday Users.  Senior Honors:  2001.

Lamb, Jane E.  Nachdenken uber das Dritte Reich:  Gunde, Konflikte und Folgen  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1992.

Lambrecht, Kurtis W.  The Possibilities for Innocent (and not-so-innocent) Insider Trading in an Expanding Legal Setting  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1992.

Lassek, Teresa A.  Cryptology and the Computer Age  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1985.

Lederer, Brandon J.  Interaction Design:  A New Way of Thinking for Computer Scientists  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  2004.

Lengemann, Jeanette A.  Competency Based Training to Facilitate Improved Quality Interaction Between Parents and Their Handicapped Infants and Preschoolers  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1984.

Lentz, Sarah.  Economics and Democracy in Public Spaces [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  2003.

 Licari, Rae A.  Mary:  A Sociological Approach to the Goddess  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  2005.

Lien, Jeanette.  How Gifted and High Achieving Students Perceive Themselves in Relation to Stereotypes About Intelligent Children  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1981.

Lindgren, Scott A. Lighting of a Commercial Distance Learning Venue. [Honors Program.] Senior Honors: 2009.

Lindquist, Lynnette S.  Service Learning in the Spanish Classroom  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  2002.

Ling, Jay.  Investigating the Correlation between Internal and External Strain Gangs in Reinforced Concrete Structures.  [Honors Program.]  Senior Honors:  2004

Londay, John.  Michelangelo and the Late Style:  The Effects of Aging on the Work of the Italian Renaissance Master.  [Honors Program.]  Senior Honors:  2000.

Lucero, Liliam G.  Collecting Delinquent Bank Card Accounts  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1987.

Mahan, Amanda F.  Welcome to G Town! Learning Through Simulation [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  2003

Maher, Barry.  Saxophone Recital:  Sonate No. 6 in F, Concerto for Alto Saxophone and String Orchestra, Sonata for Saxophone and Piano, Tres Duos Op. 109  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1985.

Mahrt, Daniel B.  Infrastructure Assessment for Raymond, Nebraska [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1998.

Majerus, Chelsea R.   Probing the Structure of the 5’ Non-Translated Region of the Coxsackievirus B3 Genome [Honors Program]. Senior Honors: 2006.

Majorek, John.  Contemporary Application of Cue Theory  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1986.

Mancuso, Jennifer.  Corporations and Child Care:  The Wave of the Future  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1991.

Manley, Eric.  Quadratic Solution of Fourth Degree Diophantine Equations [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  2004.

Manley, Eric.  Aspect-Oriented Programming Via Program  Transformation.  [Honors Program.]  Senior Honors:  2004.

 Marohl, Melissa K.  The Structural Characterization of Viral RNA Genomes Using Lead Catalyzed Probing  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  2005.

Marolda, Gemma A.  Italian-Americans:  A Study of the Assimilation of "L'Emigrante Italiano" in the United States  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1983.

Martincik, Lisa L.  When Concepts Collide:  Science Fiction Meets Feminism in the Feminist Utopia  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1992.

Martineau, Mallory A. The Effects of In Ovo Hormone Levels on Adult Behaviors and Their Subsequent Effect on Future Generations of the Zebra Finch. [Honors Program.] Senior Honors: 2009

Martinez-Suarez, Ricardo.  Economic Impact of Latin American Workers on Nebraska’s Gross State Product – Manufacturing Industry.  Senior Honors:  2002.

Masters, Deborah.  Mother-Infant Communication Patterns:  Teen Parents and Their Children [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1995

Maxwell (Lefebvre), Jennifer.  Ecological Implications of Nuclear War  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1982.

McCarl, Geoanna B.  Mexican Folk Illness and the Healing of the Curandero:  A Study of Mexicans Living in Omaha's Hispanic Community  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1993.

McKenney, David.  Graph Theory:  Intelligent Path Finding.  Senior Honors:  2001.

McMahon, Chadd J.  Construction of a Virus.  Senior Honors:  2002.

McWilliams, Richard.  Liberty Before Order:  A Rights-oriented Construction of the Fourth Amendment.  Senior Honors:  1999.

McIntyre, Catherine R.  The Changes and Influences of the African American's Role in Advertising  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1990.

McIvor, David T.  Crystal Creek Preliminary Design  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  2002 

McIvor, Emily J.  Clarinet Transcription of Bach [Honors Program.]  Senior Honors:  2007.

McMurhpy (Pearson), Michelle.  Mythology:  The Ancients Explore Their World  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1987.

Mejias, Victoria.  Not Guilty, Guilty, or Innocent?  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  2004.

Melendez, Denise M.  Source Monitoring in Learning Disabled Children [Honors Program]. Senior Honors:  1992.

Meng, Shang-Jun. The Unusual Parental Care Provided by Nicrophorus [Honors Program]. Senior Honors: 2006.

Merriman (Kross), Maria K.  Alone:  A Dramatic Interpretation of Marie Antoinette  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1985.

Meyer, Chad A.    Chad Meyer’s Japanese Study Program [Honors Program]. Senior Honors: 2006.

Rebecca Lance Miller.  Media Variations: From Print to Podcast [Honors Program.]  Senior Honors:  2006.

Mitchell, Frank.  Institutions:  The Link Between Culture and Economic Development.  Senior Honors:  2001.

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Senior Honors:  1999.

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Reade, Sandra D.A.  The Digital Divide:  The Haves, the Have-Nots, and Living in the Cyber Ghetto.  Senior Honors:  2002.

Richter-Teeter, Sarah B.  And You Thought It Was Just Reading:  Putting Theory in Practice.  [Honors Program.]  Senior Honors:  1999.

Rieck, Jessica L.  Females Mathematicians:  Past and Present.  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  2000

Ritter, Gina M.  First Contact:  A Thesis for the Future  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1992.

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Schumacher, Doc R. Leadership: an Art or a Science? [Honors Program.] Senior Honors: 2009. Schutte, Tierney J.   Breaking Down Investing to Build Up Wealth [Honors Program] Senior Honors: 2006.

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Szulczynska, Adriana.  Polish, Soviet, and German Relations, 1917-1945.  [Honors Program.]  Senior Honors:  1999.

Tafolla, Vincent M.  The Architecture of Thought:  Exploring the Tombs of Transcendence with Nietzsche, Nagarjuna, Derrida & Burke.  [Honors Program.]  Senior Honors:  2003.

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Thompson, Eric.  No Child Will Be Left Behind. . .With Proper Use of Technology.  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  2004.

Tiehen, Beth.  Stopping the Flood:  Promoting Democracy Building in Haiti [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  2004

Timm, Amanda J.  The Spirituality of Community Care [Honors Program.]  Senior Honors:  2007

Timm, Emily I.  Literature of the Oppressed:  An Awakening of Consciousness [Honors Program.]  Senior Honors:  2007

Todd, Heidi.  A Content Analysis of Citizens' Letters (Dec. 30, 1990-July 1, 1992) Received by the Omaha, Nebraska Mayor's Office on the Issue of Curbside Recycling  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1993.

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Vergo, Evangeline.  A Burkean Critique of the University of  Nebraska at Omaha’s View Book.  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  2004.

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Vesely, Rachel K.  Suite per Violoncello.  Senior Honors:  2002.

Vesely, Rachel K.  Synergism of the Arts.  Senior Honors:  2002.

Vidas, Tim M.  Securing a Digital Battlefield.  Senior Honors:  2002.

Wade, Zoe.  China’s Leadership Vacuum and the Impact on Early Industrialization [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  2003.

Walding, Valerie K.  Socio Economic Implications of Economic Community 1992 in the United States and Europe  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1992.

Walters, Rosemary.  To Know UNO-Your University:  An Informative Guide  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1987.

Wasiq, Mahwash.  The Debate Over Monetary Union in the European Community  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1992.

Waskiewicz, Karrie.  Women and Employment:  How Far Have Women Really Come  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1993.

Wavra, Zachary J.  myPortfolio:  Software Engineering through Rapid Application Development  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  2005.

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Wendte, Jonathon.  Remotely Controlled Thermostat [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  2003.

Wesselman, Vincent.   Alchemical:  Interactive Entertainment Design  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  2004.

Westfall, Kelly A. Translational Control of Amino Acid Biosynthesis by CCR4-NOT in Saccharomyces cerevisiae, [Honors Program.] Senior Honors: 2009.

Whisler, Jennifer L. Public Libraries: Education, Entertainment, Exploration . [Honors Program.] Senior Honors: 2009.

Wilcox, Elizabeth.  Gender in Virtual Gaming Communities  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  2004

Wilcox, Thomas J.  The Exclusionary Rule's Evolution in the American Criminal Justice System  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1986.

Wilkins, Erik.   Proposal for Improving the Plattsmouth Municipal Airport.  [Honors Program.]  Senior Honors:  2001.

Wilson, Joseph Lopez.  Federal District Court  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1983.

Wilmes, Amanda Sendgraff.  Features:  A Unit Plan for Elkhorn High School Journalism [Honors Program.]  Senior Honors:  2007.

Wingert, James.    Alternative Structural Solution for the National Parks Service Building [Honors Program]. Senior Honors: 2006.

Winterboer, Jason Lynn.  The Effect of Self-Esteem on Attitudes Toward Hiring a Competent and Ambitious Applicant [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1997

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Woolhiser, Jessica.  The Art and Madness of Controversy [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  2003.

Wyatt, Krystal A.  Feminism in Contemporary Muslim Society:  How Islam Supports Change.  [Honors Program.]  Senior Honors:  1999.

Woods, Leilani.  Waste Water Treatment Facility  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1992.

Wright (Valgora), Terri L.  Martinique:  An Experience With Another Culture  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1989.

Young, Amber R. Bank Social Networking. [Honors Program.] Senior Honors: 2009

Young, Amy.  Mexican Culture and its Influence on Consumer Marketing in the Southern United States  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1990.

Zaiss, Zachary.  The Effects of Video Game Play or Divided  Visual Attention  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  2004.

Zieno, Angelo.  Human Taste Preferences and Intensities Related to Density of Taste Papillae [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  2003.

Zimmerman, Pamela.  Comparison of Effectiveness of Individualized Instruction Mathematics Course and Traditional Lecture-Taught Mathematics Course as Measured by Academic Success  [Honors Program].  Senior Honors:  1994.