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University Honors Program

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student profile.

The Honors Program Experience

  • Undergraduate Research Opportunities
  • Honors Internships for juniors & seniors
  • Peer Tutoring
  • Small Classes and Seminars
  • Learning Community
  • Service-Learning

What Honors Program Freshmen Tell Us

  • 95% are satisfied with the quality of Honors classes
  • 99% would recommend Honors courses to fellow students
  • Comments from first semester Honors Course Evaluations:
    • It was a refreshing change from my other classes.
    • A strong teacher-student bond is developed.  With small classes, instructors have the opportunity to act on specific needs of students.
    • I really like the idea of linked classes.  You become close with classmates and become friends.
    • The professors are good at answering questions in full and they’re really patient.

What recent Honors graduates tell us

  • Nice to be surrounded by people who want to learn and are willing to work.
  • By far the most exciting classes of all were my Honors Colloquia.  In these classes, I collaborated with students from departments all across the university.  Such classes do not exist outside UNO’s Honors Program.
  • It gave me the opportunity to take some more challenging classes and classes that made me learn things I knew nothing about and otherwise would nave not taken (the colloquia,) but that did enrich my education
  • UNO is a large campus with a large student body.  Being part of the Honors Program made me feel like I had a home at the University.
  • The Honors Thesis was probably one of the most challenging, yet rewarding things that I’ve ever done.  Not everybody can say they have a thesis written at their university.  It was a way for me to really push myself and I enjoyed it.

Honors Program Student Characteristics, 2012

data current as of 9/12/2012

Male 43.71%
Female 56.28
Nebraska 92.81%
Other US 6.58
International 0.59%
Top Six Counties in Nebraska for 2007 Freshmen
Douglas 94 Platte 5
Sarpy 18 Washington 4
Hall 4 Lancaster 6
Ethnic Representation
Caucasian 81.43%
African American 2.99%
Hispanic 3.59%
Asian American 7.18%
Native American 1.19%
International 1.79%

Non-responses excluded

Academic Indicators
ACT 29.01
GPA 3.89(HS)
Arts and Sciences 61
Business Administration 20
Public Affairs and Community Service 6
Education 9
Engineering and Technology 30
Communication, Fine Arts and Media 9
Information Science and Technology 19
University Division, Architecture 13
Total Honors Program 167